Monday, November 1, 2010

27 Notebooks List

These are the people, things and ideas in my life that matter most. They describe what and who I love, and they often become the compass that directs my writing and creativity. Maybe one of these rainy days you'll take a minute to jot down your own list of 27. But for now, here's mine:

1. Steady in love, marriage and romance
2. A laundry pile full of pink - one of the small joys of raising three daughters
3. The perfect cup of cocoa
4. Stories about women, their triumphs and their heartache
5. My sisters, both born and received: the most exquisite, beloved complication of my life
6. Shoes, handbags, and lipstick- Femininity is a gift
7. Faith in God and his plan. We are not left alone, flailing in this life!
8. Rain storms and the scent of clean earth
9. Fancy restaurants, fancy food
10. Bubble baths
11. Long walks
12. Happily ever after, in all its forms
13. A carefully scheduled, task-driven day
14. London, where the writer part of me often resides
15. Pillow talk
16. Classical piano music
17. Handwritten letters
18. The relentless chase of Big Dreams
19. Soup recipes
20. Setting. All my stories begin with a "where"
21. Creativity, in all its forms
22. Clean counters and made beds
23. Excuses to celebrate, both real and imagined
24. Dependable routines, frequent spontaneity
25. Families, including those we inherit and those we build
26. Carbohydrates, in all its forms
27. Enduring, evolving, and hopeful instances of love

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