Monday, December 20, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Cinnamon Bears

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 A friend brought me chocolate dipped cinnamon bears for Christmas this year. They were gone before I remembered to share them with my family, so I tried making them myself. Melt chocolate, toss in a few bears at a time, stir until they're covered, and them edge them out of the bowl onto wax paper. Some people only dip half of the bear in the chocolate, but I don't really get that line of thinking.

Now I tend to feel that a bite of anything that begins with rich chocolate is going to end well. But with this recipe you start with chocolate and end with heat. As they say on the Food Network, it's a terrific "flavor profile."

This is definitely a new Christmas tradition at our house.

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  1. i didn't share them either, and i wasn't nice enough to make more for the fam. you are better woman than i :)


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