Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When it all piles up

There are several absolutes in life, and the leaning tower of clean laundry dumped in one corner of my bedroom, patiently waiting to be folded, is one of them. When our house finally quieted down this evening I looked around and thought, "Okay, what would be the best use of my time for the next two hours?" Unfortunately for my family, those needy mounds of clean clothes didn't even make my top five.

Tis' the season for long "To Do" lists. I don't have any profound wisdom on weeding out the mundane and unnecessary clutter in life, since most days I feel like a master of mundane and unnecessary clutter. Yet just the other day my husband said, "So what do we need to do to feel like today was good?" I beamed upon hearing this, and not just because that sentence is cold, hard proof that husbands can be trained. In general, it is a lovely question to ponder. What do you need to feel like today was good?

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