Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Dinner on the Table

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At least twice a week while I cook dinner I send my three girls into the downstairs shower. I am perfectly happy to waste water and half a bottle of shampoo for forty minutes of peace. They love it. It's safe. And after forty minutes and half a bottle of shampoo they always emerge cleaner, if not actually clean. Usually they play for a long time before they begin washing, so by the time someone has enough soap in her eyes to holler for me, dinner is close to finished. I consider dinner time showers a young mother's trade secret. 

How do you make it through the dinner time scramble?

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  1. I make them do homework, reading, or bath time while I cook. Video games are always a good diversion. If I'm not too stressed out I put him in charge of a dish to make or a specific job, like measuring out all our wet and dry ingredients and lining them up on the counter.


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