Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Jar Full of Love

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This year my favorite gift idea is the Jar Full of Love. And yes, it is absolutely as perfectly cheesy as it sounds!

So you first decide who is going to receive the jar, for their birthday or some other special occasion, and then email that person's family and friends and ask them, "What do you love best about this person?"

Collect the responses on scraps of paper inside a pretty jar, and voila! A terrific gift.

When my friend Tosha told me about this gift idea, she said, "Don't we all have days where we could really use a jar full of nice thoughts about ourselves?"

I think we do!


  1. What a lovely gift idea, Lauren. If I wrote something for your jar, it would be about your unique sense of humor. :)

  2. That's sweet of you! Jeremy would probably have a lot to say about my "unique" sense of humor! Too bad, he's stuck with me!

  3. What a great idea! I'm actually stealing this idea for my husband's upcoming birthday and sent out an email to his friends/family today asking for help. I'm learning a lot about him just from the comments people are writing back. Thanks!


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