Monday, March 28, 2011


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Last summer a former roommate from my BYU days looked me up while she was in Denver. She and her husband, and their two beautiful little girls, came over to hang out for an afternoon. A few hours later, despite more than ten years of distance, we happily discovered how much we now share in common. As we said goodbye Katie told me, "I think we would be good friends if we lived near each other."

It's true, we don't live near each other. But if only we had a technological device that allowed us to send letters instantly and keep in contact on a regular basis!

Since last summer Katie and I have gradually become pen pals. Or email pals is probably the better term, but regardless she has become an important person in my life. The thing about Katie is that she is honest, and funny, and thoughtful, and she gives great advice. And since we hardly ever see each other we don't have to worry about the warts and scales that your immediate family members, and geographically close friends have to deal with. We can be friends, and be our very best selves, whenever it is convenient to sit down and write.

What an unexpected, exciting turn it has been to renew my friendship with Katie this year. A couple of months ago I was feeling really discouraged about something, but I didn't feel like hashing it out with the people who are moving around in my daily life. Sometimes it seems we have enough to talk about already! But then I thought to myself, I wonder what Katie would have to say about this? And she was absolutely the perfect person to write to that day. It meant a lot, Katie.

Exchanging letters has taught me the following things:
  1. Be open to new (or renewed) friendships, even when you don't live in the same state
  2. The door to my past is never really closed
  3. The people you used to like might become the people you later on love and respect the most! 
Is there someone from your past that you have been thinking and wondering about? If so, maybe you should write them a letter.

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