Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Magic Touch of a Big Sister

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This keeps happening at our house. And at the grocery store. And at church. And pretty much twenty times a day, everyday.

I'm thinking of investing in ear muffs. Or a muzzle. Or one of those doggy collars where you can shock the small animal, or in this case the small child, into submission.

Yesterday I walked away from the toddler pounding her fists on the floor. "When you can show me your happy face again we'll talk about why you cannot eat candy for dinner," I said. The lingering presence of Valentines candy has taught Elisabeth to believe that anytime is a good time for candy. We disagree on this point several times a day.

A few minutes later I heard another little voice whispering, "It's okay. Come here. It's okay. Come sit on my lap." The screaming and thrashing stopped. I peeked around the corner. My baby girl was curled into the lap of her big sister. Madeleine stroked Elisabeth's hair. "Don't cry. It's going to be okay."

I think she is right.

Have you ever peeked around the corner and watched your child comfort a younger sibling? For me the very sight of it came with a sigh of bliss so complete that every other tantrum that day seemed to melt away in the knowledge that we are a team. I don't have to fight every battle all by myself!

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