Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Gardening Life for Me

My husband, Farmer Jeremy, has done an amazing job with our garden this summer. I don't really like plants, dirt, bugs, digging around outside with the summer heat practically suffocating me, but for some reason Jeremy seems to enjoy all of these things. The part I like is cracking open the back door just a bit so that the air conditioning doesn't escape while Jeremy is handing over the fruit of his labors.
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There are quite a few mystery plants still growing who knows what vegetables out there, but so far "our" harvest has been amazing. Basil. Cilantro. Zucchini. Tomatoes that are as bright and sweet as a peach. And one of my personal favorites, fresh mint. I eat mint two ways: either chopped into a salad of lettuce, cilantro, cucumber and tomato with fresh lemon squeezed on top as the dressing, or tucked inside my glass of lemonade. Maybe the school year has already started and we're barreling toward fall, but a tall glass of lemonade with mint tastes like summer time!

I love home grown vegetables and herbs so much that if Jeremy ever dies in a tragic bus accident I might be forced to actually go outside and get my hands dirty. But until then, I can look out over our little patch of garden while seated here at the computer, and there is a tall glass of minted lemonade on the desk next to my elbow. This is the gardening life for me!


  1. I'm jealous that you have tomatoes. I'm still waiting...

  2. One of our neighbors who we don't know very well flat out asked Jeremy for some tomatoes. It felt insulting, as if he were asking for us to pay his mortgage. Fresh tomatoes are precious!


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