Friday, August 19, 2011


Fill in the blank:

Someday I will be able to....__________________!

I don't know what your version of the above sentence looks like, but over the summer mine looked like this:

"Someday I'll be able to go walking outside and get some exercise without my girls whining that it's too hot, and they're thirsty, not to mention a little bit exhausted! And am I even listening when they say they want to go home... probably not so they might as well ride their scooters along side of me and crash every five seconds until I end up dragging a jogging stroller, three girls, and two scooters home only fifteen minutes into my workout." 

It's funny how quickly the Someday of our dreams arrives. Suddenly two thirds of my gang are in school and I'm left with one small child who loves riding in her jogging stroller. It's a miracle. Now if you're wondering what direction I'm going with these thoughts let me be clear that I'm not about to lecture, don't wish away your life because soon you'll be wishing it right back again. No siree! I've been wishing away our summer workout situation for weeks and I hope I don't have to drag the whole get-along-gang with me again until next summer. There are some experiences better left as "fond" memories.

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Each morning we escort the older sisters to school and then Elisabeth and I go for our walk. Sometimes we wind our way through the neighborhood walking paths, which is fun because we like seeing how other people landscape their yards and we really like stopping at the park to play before heading home. Other days we take the dirt path and walk the foothills to the south of our neighborhood. From the summit of the hills you can see downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountain range to the west. Compared to the days of dragging three kids and their scooters on a walk, my mornings with Elisabeth feel precious.

One of the things that keeps us all moving forward is the promise of the elusive Someday. Someday my house will stay clean for longer than twenty minutes. Someday I'll clean out those junk drawers. Someday I'll take all of my kids to school and then go to the movies by myself. Someday I'll do more, earn more, and be better. Someday I'll go for a morning walk without feeling short tempered and brow beaten by the time we return.

The best part about Someday is when you realize that Someday is actually Right Now. Of course there will always be a line of responsibilities clamoring for your time and energy. Instead of going to the movies by yourself, or taking a walk through the neighborhood you'll feel pressure to to do something else. I can only encourage you to be strong. Eight days into the school year  I already feel the presence of invaders threatening to encroach on my walking time. And I'm about ready to guard its perimeter with a pitchfork. I've waited a lot of years and changed a lot of diapers to earn the privilege of one child left at home while the others are in school. This is my time. One of my Somedays has arrived. We should be the first to safe guard and make sacred the privilege of a Someday when it is happening Right Now. Yesterday Elisabeth came into my bedroom carrying her shoes. Are we going for our walk today mommy? Yes sweetheart, I told her. I can't wait.


  1. "Mama, is it today when it is just me and you?"

    Eli's someday arrived Thursday. Mine is coming. The Wednesday after Labor Day. And then again in two years when the baby hits 1st grade. Meanwhile, I am trying to enjoy the somedays that are now too.
    Great post!

  2. It's funny that Eli is looking forward to one-on-one with you. Elisabeth keeps asking if we can "go get the girls" from school each day. She's little miss lonely heart these days.


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