Friday, November 4, 2011

Your Local Freak Flags

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It has been my great pleasure and privilege to observe some of our local talent waving their freak flags these past few weeks. Let me share with you a small sample of the beauties I've seen jazzing up the neighborhood:

1- Macho teenagers careening around on bicycles. I especially love it when they a) wear khaki pants or some other outfit that exudes the tough guy image they are so desperate to convey b) when they focus so hard on appearing casual, one hand on the handlebars, that they crash. My personal motto is that there is nothing more masculine than a guy cruising around on his two wheeler. I'm hoping they might include a "macho teenager on a bike" scene in the next Twilight movie.

2- Loyal adherents to the term "gym sexy" have been coming out in droves! You know the melon peepers and saggy bottom hangers that I'm talking about. It's my personal inclination to feel that working out is an intimate endeavor (I realize that any Western Civilization course will contradict this opinion and I'm pretty much alone in this thought), and I would much, much rather seek out my own personal space to bend over and stretch or achieve sweaty armpits. But if you haven't recently been to your local gym during peak hours, let me tell you that you are missing out! Talk about flying your freak flag. I'm actually thinking of writing a handbook entitled, How to Dress Sexy When Your Face is Beet Red and You're Sweating Like a Pig or maybe I could call it The Special Friendship Between Teenagers and Lycra. I considered the title All of My Self Esteem is in My Triceps, but I suspect that in the end my true potential for a best seller resides with, The Treadmill AdventureBig Men-Little Shirts, Big Women -Little Shorts. And don't worry, I absolutely plan to include a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.

3- Flip Flop Socks. This discovery on our local play ground helped me to rest assured that the creative minds in our country are putting their talent to good use!
ToeHugs® Flip Flop Socks

In short, I posted several months ago on the surprising joy that came from people watching in Europe. Yet the special experiences I've had in my own neighborhood these past few weeks were a terrific reminder that you don't have to go as far as Europe to find uninhibited individuals willing to hoist their Freak Flag right to the top of the pole. I urge you to embrace the variety and originality of all the freaks in your neighborhood and remember that it is our differences that make the world interesting! 

PS- I'd love to hear about your favorite Freak Flag Moments. 

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