Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kindness Matters

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One of my friends has a plaque in her kitchen that says Kindness Matters. I was recently at her house and when I saw the plaque I thought, that's a good reminder. And then I didn't think of it again until a few days later when one of the employees at the rec center was rude to me. I'd had a rough morning and felt completely justified in snapping right back at her, but when I got back on the treadmill I thought to myself, Kindness Matters. So, I went over and apologized for my rudeness, which inspired the employee to apologize for her rudeness, which was nice since she really did start it. 

It's funny how two words can get inside your head like that because suddenly I've started noticing how kindness matters, all over the place. The difference between a kind receptionist and a troll-like glowering receptionist can be a determining factor in your visit to the dentist's office. A neighbor who drops off a plate of cookies "just because" starts to feel like one of the important reasons you love your neighborhood. A husband who stays up washing dishes long after you're asleep reminds you (the next morning) why you love, love being married. No matter who you are or what your situation, it's true for all of us. Kindness Matters.

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