Monday, November 19, 2012

Deep Thoughts By the Little People

Mom, I can't wait for Aunt Dee Dee to get here for Thanksgiving. And what's that tall girl's name again? You know, my cousin?

Mom, you should probably ask Santa for a new piano and new curtains...and pretty much all the new stuff we need. You never know.

Mom, I can't believe you're letting us SKIP school next week to go chop down our Christmas tree. You're so nice, probably nicer than all the other parents.

Mom, can we have pie again for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving, just like last year.

Mom, no offense, but your family is kind of crazy. But that just means Thanksgiving should be really fun this year.

Mom, congratulations, your fat belly is going away. You only look like there is a little bit of baby left in there.

Mom, the reason I keep getting in bed with you is because there is a witch in our house and I can hear her breathing at night. Usually she's in the hallway.

Mom, it's almost Thanksgiving and Christmas. You know, the fun time of year. So what's with all the chores?

1 comment:

  1. Ah Lauren, what precious memories! Can't wait to hear more.


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