Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring (Break) Fever

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Yesterday morning as I stumbled around the kitchen making lunches for my girls before school my four year old Elisabeth said, What's wrong with your eyes mom? They're and squished looking. And cereal again? Why do we have to eat cereal everyday? 

We're all a little tired of cold cereal for breakfast. We're all a little tired of my continued sleep-deprived incompetence. Over the past two months my lack of sleep related misdemeanors include but are not limited to:

  • throwing away our insurance debit card
  • throwing away Jeremy's (only) set of car keys
  • forgetting scheduled appointments
  • forgetting to cook dinner until the kids started crying at 7pm
  • spending three days deep cleaning my house only to realize on the third day I'd neglected the laundry so long we didn't have clean underwear!
  • going to the grocery store multiple times in one day to retrieve forgotten items
  • forgetting my wallet
  • forgetting my phone
  • telling people "I will call them right back" and forgetting for three days
Clearly it's been awesome to live at our house these past few months. And what makes it especially fun is that I'm not characteristically forgetful or spacey...only the sleep deprived version of me does those crazy things so it still feels like I'm living in someone else's brain most days, or enduring some sort of downward spiral into Dante's third ring. My baby is six months old and everyone in my life, myself especially, is tired of the whole, "I was up half the night" rant. And why can't y'all get it together over there? you might be wondering. Well. The pediatrician informed me a few weeks back that my little guy is a runt and I need to keep up with the nighttime feedings so that he can catch up. Fine, I said in response, but what I really felt like saying was Shoot. Me. Now. Because while I'm so over this whole chronically starving new baby business, I'm now obligated to dutifully continue waking and feeding all night long as I've been instructed. So, needless to say we're looking forward to spring break this year and the promise of some peace and quiet. No carpools. No extra curricular activities. No homework. No throwing away insurance cards and keys. Instead, we plan to play outside and practice soccer drills with Kate, cook our dinner on the grill, read Lois Lowry's The Birthday Ball together, and most of all we plan to sleep in and take naps every day. Lots and lots of naps. 

Spring break never mattered to my life until my girls started school, and now it feels like the island we're all dog paddling toward. So, have a great swim and we'll see you on the other side! 

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